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Hearthland Baking

…the frozen subsidiary of Grimaldi Bakery Corp.

artisan quality, service, value
  …this is the Hearthland Promise

Shouldn’t the bread you use be as good as the food you prepare? Be it a sandwich, or a full course dinner, you work hard to put the best before your customers. The bread you serve should support and complement your efforts. Hearthland’s real hearth bread and rolls do just that. One hundred years of tradition & experience have enabled us to craft for you the top quality breads you seek. Finest quality natural ingredients are carefully blended according to our Old World family recipes by skilled bakers. Using custom equipment all Hearthland products are long proofed, then slow baked in hearth ovens.

Value is a combination of many things. And what constitutes value is unique from customer to customer. Hearthland will learn and understand your special needs, and work together with you to devise a custom program of pricing, service and support that gives you total value.

the hearth baked advantage

Of the two major production modalities it is the hearth process which offers the highest quality and widest variety of unique baked goods.

What is it that separates hearth breads from the everyday run of the mill "American Breads" and buns?

  • Hearth breads are made from a dough. Using strong, custom milled flour and robust natural ingredients our formulations literally stand on their own, needing no pans or cups to support them.
  • Naturally fermented hearth doughs lend themselves to gentle, multi-stage rolling & moulding, producing loaves with a wide variety of shapes and textures.
  • So hardy are hearth doughs, that they can even be hand moulded, yielding varieties with a range of flavors & textures unobtainable by any other method.
  • Multiple proofings during moulding followed by a 12 hour rest, on peel boards coated with corn cones – something only possible in our process – slowly develop the full panoply of subtle flavors unique to each variety
  • Strong hearth doughs easily withstand the rigors of a hot, moist, final proofing, as each piece grows to its final shape & size.
  • Baked directly on the hearth, bathed in live steam, in our custom fabricated hearth ovens, the final loaf emerges. Crust, crumb, texture and flavor meld into a loaf unmatched by any other technique.

Available in Fresh, true Par-Baked or Thaw & Serve formats, our unique hearth goods provide end-users operating in grocery, restaurant, deli, HMR, catering, institutional and food service environments with the widest variety of high quality, easy to prepare, value laden breads and rolls...backed by 100+ years of service.

why frozen?(OOT)

Frozen bread is the freshest bread. No, it’s not contradictory. Consider…By placing bread in a state of suspended animation through quick freezing, its freshness is retained, allowing it to travel through time & distance to you. Our special glide slope system – an integral step in our continuous baking process – locks in the full essence of real hearth-bread. Awakened in your store, the "fresh from the oven" flavor, texture, crust & crumb burst forth.

the thaw & serve advantage

Hearthland gives you real choice.

A full line of gourmet breads, rolls & bagels in unique doughs as well as white. Specially prepared and packed for thaw & serve – yet can be easily warmed in your existing equipment – for hot, fresh service at table.

Further advantages include easy stocking; virtually zero preparation, increased control of waste; and freedom from the uncertainties of routemen’s schedules.

With its wide range of items the "HealthyBaked" Hearth Bread Program is ideal for in-store bakeries, restaurants, delis, sub shops, convenience stores and smaller markets. Anywhere, in fact, that desires a fresh, hot, top quality hearth bread ready in an instant.

the par-baked advantage

Hearthland gives you real choices.

Our special technology lets you control the actual bake. Use your regular equipment. No complicated overnight thawing, proofing, standing or docking are required. Hot, fresh true hearth breads, rolls & bagels, finished to your taste, emerge from the oven in minutes. Pop it in the oven simple.

Further advantages include the ability to custom bake the product, at unit level, to the patrons’ preferred level of doneness; increased control of waste; and freedom from the uncertainties of routemen’s schedules.

With its wide range of items the "HealthyBaked" Hearth Bread Program is ideal for in-store bakeries, restaurants, delis, sub shops, convenience stores and smaller markets. Anywhere, in fact, that desires a fresh, hot, top quality hearth bread prepared with Pop it in the oven simplicity.

the Retail Ready advantage

Over the past ten years the in-store bakery has become the neighborhood bakery. Customers depend on you for an increasingly wide variety of breads & rolls. Moreover, they look to you for a full panoply of quality pastries, muffins, donuts, cookies and cakes. Specially decorated cakes for parties and special occasions are sought at your counter.

There are only so many hours in a day…only so many staffers in a store. As good as the items you bake yourself, Retail Ready products are designed to enable you to best advantage the skill sets of your bakery staffers, and to maximize your labor dollar utilization by providing you with a considered selection of high quality, pre-packaged, real hearth breads & rolls.

Richly formulated…long proofed…slow hearth baked under steam…Retail Ready breads & rolls make use of unique naturally occurring enzymes, combined with our special glide slope freezing process, to give you baked goods that thaw quickly & display easily. Maintaining their in-store shelf freshness for three to five days…fresh at home, they are consumer re-freezable.

Freed from repetitive early morning FRD panning, proofing, baking & packing duties, in-store bakers can devote their time & talents to making more demanding, more desired, higher margin items.

Retail Ready from Hearthland…finest quality…easy to use…value laden…worthy of your name.

product families

Our Value Triad encompasses product, value & service. Let us take a minute to set down below a few words about each of the product families we can include in the relationship we can forge together.

You work hard to craft unique sandwich presentations. Since your customers eat first with their eyes, it becomes very important that the bread platforming your sandwich creations is as enticing as it is tasty. Grimaldi’s true hearth baked heros are individually moulded, not "string-lined." Like all our breads they are long proofed for twelve hours before being slow baked, under steam, in our hearth ovens.

A true moulded hearth loaf provides a solid base for your catering creations. Unlike braided breads it is easily sliced, both vertically & horizontally, yielding sandwich pieces which stay together on the plate, and in the hand.

rectangular Panini & Focaccia
100%, absolutely, completely, hand mixed, stretched, moulded & formed. Slow baked in the traditional manner. Unique rectangular shape yields uniform size slices, with no waste. For mouth watering "panini" grilled sandwiches, you’ll not find anything like it.

Start with the kaiser roll…the most important roll in the sandwich world. Ours are demonstrably second to none. Proofed twelve hours, face down, on corn cones, on peel boards of Finnish Birch…the age old traditional manner…these signature items are slow baked, under steam, on the hearth…& rushed to your kitchens each & every morning. Ditto, all our other unique sandwich and table roll offerings.

Italian & French Breads
Relentless attention to detail by our skilled bakers enables you to place before your guests a wide range of very special breads that meets your every culinary need. No hearth baker offers you the breadth of selection, or the "baked-in" quality of our Italian & French loaves.

Old World Breads
Many bakers say they make "Old World Style" breads. At Grimaldi’s we make real Old World Breads. Using generations of family recipes, every day our master bakers, make by hand, over 60 varieties of unique breads & rolls. We are both proud of and humbled by this fact.

Water Bagels are the Holy Grail of Bageldom. Nothing is like them. However, they don’t platform sandwiches well. Since you are going to fill your bagel creations, Grimaldi’s gives you a bagel to build a sandwich on. Using FSI technology we make for you a bagel full of flavor, with excellent crust, crumb & mouth…but which will enfold your sandwich enclosure; and not "eject" it when your guest squeezes it together to eat.

Click on item name to see a photograph of the product and detailed description.

P-B and T&S Frozen Hearth Goods (OOT) Leading Item List *



item #




3063 3 foot SuperHero 1x3lb unique, hearth-baked loaves, long proofed, slow-baked,
shipped in a custom, multi-functional carton.
also available in whole wheat and multi-grain
3065 5 foot SuperHero 1x5lb
3066 6 foot SuperHero 1x6lb
3069 16" SuperHero Ring 1x3lb
3064r 18" SuperHero Ring 1x3lb


item #




3943 club hero 72x3.5oz real hearth-baked heros… NOT buns
also available in whole wheat and semolina
3643 steak hero 72x3oz
3742 8" hero 60x4oz
3741 10" hero 60x5oz
3783 12" hero 44x6oz
3283 12" multi-grain hero 54x7oz
3319 14" hero 27x7oz
3013 real italian 28x8oz italian "stick" loaves are available in lengths
up to 24" & weights up to 3lbs.


item #




3570 naps 10x2lb definitive, hand-moulded loaves for "panini"
3792 chibbata 10x2lb basic hydrated bread for sandwiches
3154 rectangular panini 6x3lb unique, uniform slice, hand-moulded, "panini" loaf
In white, whole wheat, pump and rye


item #




3590 all world 20x12oz the daily bread of europe 
3591 all world Parisian 20x12oz encrusted
3782 mini semolina 72x4oz hand twisted table bread
3903 port. mini 72x4oz hand cleft table and sandwich bread
3571 pizza bread 20x1lb traditional flattened table & sandwich bread
3150 italian round 20x1lb  
3781 semolina italian 20x8oz  
3603 tuscan, large 20x8oz true "pillow bread"…made in the European manner  
3604 tuscan, medium 36x4oz
3605 tuscan, small 144x1.5oz


We craft an extensive line of "fancy breads." Shaped as braids, twists, rings horseshoes, knots…made in white, whole wheat, semolina, multi-grain and egg doughs…fancy shapes, numbers & letters can be produced.


item #




3045 kaiser rolls 72x2.75oz authentic kaiser rolls.long proofed, face down…kaiser rolls are also available in small (1.5oz) and medium (2.4oz) sizes
3732 onion rolls 72x2.5oz  coated with fresh onions
3699 egg onion pockets 84x2.75oz  real egg dough wrapped around a fresh onion center
3054 egg rolls 72x2.75oz available in knots, twists & rounds
3078 semolina rolls 72x2.75oz available in knots, twists & rounds
3715 whole wheat kaiser rolls 72x2.75oz

baked on the hearth…NOT a bun

3749 mini-kaiser rolls 108x1.75oz authentic kaiser for small sandwich presentations 
3201 multi-grain rolls 84x2.75oz

seven whole grains blended into whole wheat dough

3357 slider rolls 108x1.5oz the platform for mini-hams 
3689 asst’d dinner rolls 144x1.5oz available in white, whole wheat, semolina, rye, pump,
marble, multi-grain & egg…shapes include round,
oval & stick…weights can range from 1.5>3oz


We craft a full line of non-pan rye breads. Available in rye, pumpernickel, double laminate marble,
seeded, & onion…with various toppings…in sizes from 1lb>3lb

FOCACCIA Single sheet packs & custom cuts

item #




3998 plain 1x5lb hand kneeded, NOT slabbed
available preperforated for easy portion control
3997 rosemary 1x5lb
3996 onion 1x5lb


we make many other types, sizes & shapes of hearth breads and rolls, which do not appear on this list. Product can be sliced, slabbed, packed & bagged in various case configurations. Branded, controlled label, private label and clear label are available. All our product is certified kosher. Our facility is inspected by the appropriate agencies, as well as by third party certifiers.
If you don’t see what you seek… just ask us.

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