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Grimaldi’s Home of Bread

…since 1909, real hearth bread & rolls

the Home of Bread, Grimaldi’s retail store is a traditional, full service, bakery.

Truly a neighborhood bake shop, “the Home of Bread” is the “place to go” for a full line of top quality breads; the widest variety of danish; unique custom pastry; an incredible selection of hand-made cookies; and intriguing chocolates, candies, lollipops & confections.

Custom cakes, in every size, for every occasion, designed just for you, are hand crafted with Old World skill by our master chefs.

Planning a party? Having a meeting? Home of Bread’s experienced staff can help arrange a full array of cookie & pastry trays, specially decorated cakes and custom SuperHero loaves…everything to make your affair memorable & unique.

…all day, everyday, something hot & fresh
is always coming out of the oven

bread & rolls

No matter the type, style, size or shape bread you seek, our shelves are where you are sure to find it. Daily, we craft over 217 varieties of fine bread & rolls. True flavors, tastes, textures & shapes, from Italy, France, Germany, Portugal & Spain, and Eastern Europe. Full bodied American loaves. Egg Challahs, twists & knots.

Undeniably the finest bread made is Hearth Bread. Baked on the very surface of the oven…the hearth…the dough forming each loaf is enveloped in soft heat, radiating from all directions, in our unique, custom fabricated ovens. Mixed from the finest natural ingredients, to our time honored family recipes, hearth doughs have a strong, robust character. This enables the breads thus formed to undergo multiple kneedings, mouldings and proofings necessary to full development of the subtle flavors, textures, crust & crumb which only hearth baking can achieve.

Grimaldi’s blends today’s technologies with four generations of hand bread making experience. A unique melding results. Peel boards coated with corn cones cradle each loaf during a series of slow proofings totaling more than twelve hours. Live steam pervades the atmosphere within the baking ovens. Slow, natural air cooling precedes display & packing. Nothing is rushed. No corners are cut. Yet everything proceeds at an efficient pace.

Turnovers to Strudles, and everything in between, our Danish is slow mixed in small batches. Hand sheeted and formed. Delicately baked. Carefully finished by hand. Available throughout the day.
Italian & French pastries from mini to large. Napoleons, Eclairs, Cream Puffs, Lobster Tails, Sfogliatelle and a host of others. Completely hand-made, daily, by our experienced pastry chefs.
Jumbo, hand-scooped daily in small batches. Blended from the finest natural ingredients. Ten varieties.
cookies & biscotti
Butter cookies, nut cookies, Vanilla cookies, biscotti, rainbow & pignoli cookies; whatever your taste, you’ll find your cookie. All hand-made, hand filled, hand sandwiched and hand iced & decorated. Made each & every day.
Delicate doughs, formed and golden fried around custom aged dowels. Filled while you wait with our own custom cream…a blend of soft cheese, fresh cream and spices.
cakes & pies
A cake makes it special. Be it a meal, a get-together, or a meeting; a cake makes it an event. To that end we offer a wide variety of cakes & pies every day. Layer cake, crumb, mousse, carrot, & buttercream…Sinfully rich cheese cake, exotic spice and Red Velvet cakes…Strawberry Shortcake & Cannoli cake. Pick your favorite. Make it all the more special with a custom inscription, which can be added while you wait.
holiday specials
Valentine’s Day! St. Pat’s! Memorial Day! SuperBowl! St. Joseph’s Day! July 4th! Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Year’s! Big or small we make popular and traditional specialties for most every holiday celebration. Candied Apples, Marzipane, lollipops, kitchen-made and imported chocolate, Pannetone…no matter the occasion you’ll find a wide selection of specialties, including gift trays, gift baskets and custom arrangements…gift cards, too.
custom cakes
Any size, style, cake, filling, icing, decoration. Regardless of the occasion, or it’s size, your vision & ideas can become a cake masterpiece. Sit with our party professionals, and let the magic begin.
wedding cakes

a wedding cake…uniquely yours, to mark your most special day. Let our master bakers & pastry chefs hand craft a wedding cake expressing your joy, love & commitment.

Visit with us. Our knowledgeable, courteous professionals will come to understand your dreams, and guide you in designing the perfect wedding cake.

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